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Our mission is to transform the lives of of struggling teenagers and their families, that transformation starts with your referral.

Applications are closed for the 2024 season

Referrals for 2025 open in September.

Reasons to • Refer a Teen?

Emotional or Behavioral Struggles

The teenager is  between the ages of 11-13 and is experiencing difficulty managing anger and emotions, which can manifest through outbursts or erratic behavior. This may indicate underlying emotional challenges that require attention and support.

Personal Responsibility

There’s a noticeable struggle for the teenager to take ownership of their actions and decisions. This lack of personal responsibility suggests a need for guidance and mentorship to help them develop crucial life skills.

Lack of Respect

The teenager demonstrates a lack of respect for others, coupled with disinterest in academic pursuits and disconnect from the school environment. This could signify deeper issues affecting their engagement and social interactions, necessitating intervention and positive reinforcement strategies.

Who fills out the referral form?

This form is intended for completion by a parent, guardian, church pastor, or school contact referring a young boy or girl between the ages of 11 and 13 who requires early intervention support.

Our Program

Our 12 month, therapy-based program exists to transform the lives of struggling teenagers and their families. Our program gives teens the chance to reflect on their lives, take responsibility for past choices, and prepare for a fresh start. Through experiential learning, we facilitate healthy relationships with God, peers, staff, and nature, fostering breakthrough moments.

How to Refer a Teen

Check Out Our Page

Visit our Referrals website page to learn more about who to refer and how.

Fill out the Form

Fill out the referral form, selecting choices to the best of your knowledge.

contacted by a staff member

Once submitted, our staff goes through the process of setting up a phone call with the parents or whoever is referring.

Want to

refer a teen?

Applications are closed for the 2024 season

Referrals for 2025 open in September.