Remembrance Ranch

Within Every Child is a Seed of Greatness.

Prayer Partner Program

Become a Prayer Partner for our teens and families and connect with them. A lot of our teens and families don’t have a support system like that, be the one to change lives!

About Us

Remembrance Ranch is a 12-month transformation experience for teenagers and their families in high risk situations.   

We are a faith-based, non-denominational, therapeutic program for teenagers struggling at home and/or at school. Our team includes licensed social workers, case managers, and experienced mentors.

Our Purpose & Values

We are a non-denominational Christian organization that embraces a belief in Christ and a devotion to God, family and country. Our community stewardship distinguishes itself by a bold spirit of leadership, innovation, creative partnerships, a desire for collaborative partnership, and collaborative solutions to community challenges as they relate to at-risk teens and their families. 

We assist teens and their families to have a reconciled relationship with God, family and community through Jesus Christ. We mobilize local networks of churches, schools and community organizations to help each teen and family find needed resources and relationships. We use the natural setting and our therapeutic approach to focus on life-changing decisions. 

Our June
Bible Reading Plan

February Bible Reading Plan

Download our Monthly Bible Reading Plan. Throughout this month we'll be focusing on "Goodness & Kindness". Click this button to download it today!