Our mission is to transform the lives of struggling teenagers
and their families.

 Referrals are closed and will re-open Sept. 1  2023

 What Are Reasons to Refer a Teen?

The teenager you are referring is beginning to have difficulty managing their anger and emotions, struggling to transition into a place of personal responsibility, and lacking respect for others.

Characteristics may include, but are not limited to, emotional or behavioral problems, truancy, low academic performance, showing a lack of interest for academics, and expressing a disconnection from the school environment.


Who Should Complete the Referral Form?

This referral form should be completed by a parent, guardian, church pastor, or school contact who is referring a young boy or girl (age 11-13) in need of early intervention.



Refer a Teen To Our Program

 Referrals are closed and will re-open Sept. 1,  2023.