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Hello!  I am so excited for Monday!  Let me give all of you a quick recap of what has happened thus far and what will happen next week!  So far, each of our 6 teens have been partnered with a prayer warrior who has already started praying for them and for their families.  They are praying for their salvation, for their needs, safety, that God would begin working in their hearts even before they arrive at camp, and so much more.  Jenn and I have been meeting with each family to assess any needs and prepare them for next week.  Jenn is also preparing a goal plan for each teen which they will be working through while at camp.  We traveled to Eagle Village (camp location) for staff training and were amazed by the expertise and professionalism the Eagle Village team provided us!  Kevin and I were able to come together with the Eagle Village staff during a team building exercise they called “Boards & Logs.”  I was amazed as Sarah, one of our team leaders, used every possible experience to teach us and showed us how we could apply each of those circumstances to our own lives.

On Monday, our team & each teen, along with their parents/guardians, will meet in the parking lot of Life Stream Church.  Each teen will be given a youth bible.  We will extend our hand over the teens while Pastor Jim of Life Stream leads us in prayer over the teens.  We will then make the 2 hour trip north to Hershey, MI where we will check in at Eagle Village.  During our first three days we will be out on the Manistee River Trail beginning at Red Bridge; hiking, setting up camp, and enjoying the beautiful wilderness God has created!  Each day we will utilize a specific character sketch to teach the teens about specific characteristics which can be applied to their lives; for example, the Salmon is used to teach about Determination.  On the third day, we will pack up camp and canoe the Manistee River back down to Red Bridge, and then hike back to Eagle Village.  We’ll move into our rustic cabin (no electricity or running water), and process our hiking trip.  On Friday, the team will experience the ropes course and the archery range.  Each night will end with a camp fire and possibly a night hike.  On Saturday, we will be river tubing down the Muskegon River and have lunch on the river.  Sunday is “Water Day” and the rock climbing wall.  On Monday, we will pack up camp, clean our cabin, and head to the awards ceremony where each teen will receive an award based on their experience at camp.  

Every activity will be an experience and the teens will learn skills they can take with them for eternity!  Please be in prayer for us and follow along as we experience wilderness adventures through Remembrance Ranch!  

You are all encouraged to comment and cheer on the team as we will make sure the teens hear every word you post!  Be Blessed!


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  1. Arica

    So excited for what God has in store not only for the 6 young teens but also for the staff… Praying that the lord will lay his hand on all of you throughout this journey!


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