Monday Re-Cap!

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Hi Everyone!

We made it through our first day/night, and it was a success! Yesterday was a busy one, with the rainstorm, lunch, cabin move-in, swim time and games, campfire dinner, a solo hike and a bonfire. They boys were very tired by the end of the day, and enjoyed the thunderstorm as they settled in for bed in the cabin.

We have seen a lot of the boys begin to open up and talk about goals for themselves and their families. They have demonstrated responsibility, team work and learning to accept others differences. we expect that this will continue with more in depth activities and groups throughout the week.

K.R. showed a lot of leadership yesterday. He was very encouraging and participated well during the “All Aboard Activity” in which all the boys had to stand on a small piece of wood together. K.R. has vocalized his desire for change, and seems to be searching for direction. Please continue to pray that he finds direction in his search for personal change, as well as leadership and mentors from others to develop his skills and strength.

J.O. was the core of the “All Aboard Activity” yesterday. Without J.O., none of the boys would have been able to stand together. This position allowed him to step out of his comfort zone, which is a very difficult thing for young men! Please continue to pray that J.O. will establish a personal relationship with God and his peers during the trip, and that he continues to have fun!

A.D. is our laid back group member. He is very accepting of others and has been very social! He has demonstrated some leadership skills, and is doing great with connecting and encouraging with others. Please pray that God will allow him to further open up and discuss his goals for himself and his family throughout this process. 

M.T. is having a blast! He is a very generous young man, always volunteering to help out whenever possible! M.T. prayed over dinner last night, specifically asking for safety of his peers and family. M.T. is seeking out growth opportunities as our youngest group member. Please pray that he stays energized but is able to focus on his personal goals and strength during camp. 

J.B. is a very caring and intuitive young man. He has been very helpful during meal times and cabin clean up. J.B. has a great sense of humor, and loves to crack jokes and make others laugh. Please pray that he has the strength and endurance to battle the emotional aspects of camp, and that he continues to vocalize his desire for change. 

L.Q. is very creative and thinks out of the box. During our “All Aboard Activity” he discovered a very creative solution to a loop-hole, which allowed each of his group members to complete the activity. L.Q. is a great team player and is taking his time here at camp very seriously. Please continue to pray that he vocalizes his feelings and desires/goals. L.Q. has great things to say…and we want to hear more!

Its been a very fun 24 hours. The staff is energized by our students, and we are looking forward to another fun, hot and active day. Please continue to pray for all of us that we are safe, energized and focused on GOD and what he can do for Remembrance Ranch. We can do ALL things through Jesus Christ……and HE is working in these kids and the staff already. Thanks be to GOD!!! 

Just a note…we are having some internet issues, so its difficult to get onto the computer at times.



  1. Renee

    yeah K.R! So proud. Enjoy every moment! Look forward to seeing an even better young man after this experience!

  2. Ronda

    Great to hear K.R. Stay committed to learning more that will help you become a stronger young man. We know you can do it!

  3. Don

    . . . we have been praying for MT, that he feels Father God’s presence as thrives in a new experience, that he senses the Spirit’s guidance, and the ever and always love of the Saviour – we pray for safety and growth, for joy and for that eternal hope, for the pleasure of learning and acquiring new knowledge, both of himself and his team, and those who guide them – the leaders. We pray that this and these experiences will lead him further on the road to the cross, that his Mother and Father and those near and dear to them will feel our prayers as well, that what MT experiences in those areas in which he grows might also bring spirital growth to those whom he loves. We pray also that MT might revel in the fun of community, of being with new and old friends, of rejoicing in the company of those also who come to the ranch to learn and to live life in its fullest, and we pray that the nights might be restful and the dawning hours a time of excitement and eager anticipation for all that the day might hold – we pray that MT might also know that to pray for someone is to come to love them, so might MT know that he is loved and prayed for many and many times each day, as well as is his family. Might the warmth of the sun by but a faint echo of the warmth and love of the very Son of God, in Whose hands we place MT with confidence . . .

  4. Renee T.

    I’m so proud of you MT. I’m happy to hear you are having a blast.

  5. Karen

    Great job AD at getting the mouse out of the cabin last night. Love and hugs, Emily

  6. lita

    Wonderful, Wonderful to know that all is good and the boys are opening up. LQ momma is rooting for you and knows this experience will help you be a better person and will stay with you forever. We miss you so much and D is counting the days till u come home. Blessings to all and continued success!

  7. Joan

    Hey, JB, I hear you have a good sense of humor – keep everyone smiling! Way to go with helping out with clean up and especially being BRAVE and getting rid of that “huge” intruder in your cabin. We continue to pray for you, keep moving ahead and listen to who God thinks you are.

  8. Karen

    So proud of you AD for climbing the rock wall. That is something I would never be able to do. You are a strong young man, and I am so happy you are learning how important it is to have God in your life. I pray for you everynight. I love you and miss you. Keep cool in the pool and drink plenty of water~Gambee


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