Why the boys are away….

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Well, its been a few hours! How are all the mom and dad’s doing out there? Miss them yet? Worried? Excited? I would love to hear how you are feeling.

I can imagine there is a multitude of emotions swirling around right now. I can guarantee one thing…the boys will be changed!

Here is my challenge to you, moms and dads: how are you going to change while they are away? What do you need to change about your home? Do you need more structure or a tighter schedule? Do you need to hold your children more accountable when they break a rule? Do you need to stop yelling and practice being calm when you are frustrated?

Please think about these things, because we will talk about them when I come visit. As the boys change and grow this week, it is my prayer that you also grow. I will be there to help with whatever this growth looks like.

Continued prayers for the boys, staff, and families during this amazing week!


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