Prayer for TA

by | Aug 10, 2014 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

Tonight we pray for TA – your life has gone through a tailspin the last few weeks and God has you right where he wants you for your continued growth. When you asked “but does God even remember me?” My heart fell – God remembers you and loves you even more today than you could ever imagine! Gods love and support never changes, it is never failing, and never ending!!! God loves you in ways you will never comprehend! Sweet boy I am so eager to see what Christ has in store for you this year during the ranch!



  1. Joan

    Only a few short days and once again you will be strengthened with God’s presence and love in a renewed way! I can’t wait to hear all about it and know that God has got such an amazing time planned for you.

  2. Best Cousin

    Great prayer

  3. Alena

    I hope that your first day went well! I’m thinking about you today as the sun is shinning and hoping that hiking is great! Make lots of memories on the trail! Happy Saturday!

  4. Rose White

    Eyes have not seen nor ears have heard what God.has in store for you. Love you and praying for you. Aunt Rose

  5. CJ

    There are certain obstacles that boys go through before they become men. These we remember as defining moments in our childhood that we refer back to in our adulthood in times of need or when planning goals. Never give up, stay on the pAth that you see will bring you truth, success and happiness.


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