Day 2 of Teambuilding

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We started the day with a powerful devotion on Rejection. We had an early morning swim test and kayaked across the lake to “Old Man Barlow’s” grave. The boys had a lot of fun on the water. After lunch we had our first Ten9eight session and had some good discussions around the importance of staying in school. We discussed personal, educational, and career goals. We spent the afternoon doing group coops learning how to work as a team; also had a few individuals step up in leadership positions (AD, LG, & DM). After dinner we hiked to the high ropes course where the boys learned a lot about themselves. A few boys had a fear of heights, but the overcame those fears tonight!! Prayers needed for TK and NK; both struggled at a few points today to work together with the team. Pray for these boys and patience for the staff. Overall, a great day…we took some huge strides in the right direction. Pray God would give us guidance and direction to keep the momentum moving forward.


  1. Josh K

    Glad to hear about the progress being made! I’m praying for all of you. You guys can do it, use this trip as a turning point in your life and decide to make the right choice!

  2. Trisha M. Belbot (Mom)


  3. Bonnie Guigar

    So proud of you LG! Proud of all of you!


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