Rope swings, Hot Dogs and Jesus

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After a beautiful day in the sun we all crashed hard and woke up dry and ready for the day. Our hike this year on day three was a little longer than normal taking us to the campground to finish the journey; but the boys pushed hard with little complaining and we made very good time. We had plenty of time to go down to the river beach to get in some swimming, fishing and rope swinging. All of which worked up pretty good appetite bringing us to the decision to have grilled hot dogs and chips for dinner instead of the standard trail food. Overall the mood for the day and the atmosphere of celebrating with hot dogs and having fun set the stage for an awesome evening. I shared my story with the boys, we read some scripture ( John 3:15-16;Romans 10: 9-10;Ephe. 2:8-10)and had some conversation about Jesus and how he is the only way to be reconciled to God and have everlasting life. The boys were very open and listened well as Patrick talked and opened up the opportunity to ask Jesus to come into their hearts and be Lord of their lives… which 7 of the boys did tonight! There is celebrating in the presence of Angels for sure tonight! The atmosphere at camp the rest of the evening was fun and celebration.

These guys have grown and changed throughout the week, and in the few days that I have been with them I have been proud and encouraged to grow in my own life as well. There is only one source for true change and God has been working hard on these guys. We have many future Ranch leaders in this group and I  can’t wait to see the changes to come.  We also got caught up on some blogs and they boys absolutely loved it. Especially after tonight’s events they were very emotional and it was good to see them be vulnerable and honest as we read to them. Thank you all for the support and prayers you gave for this awesome group of boys! You are an important part of this journey. Everyone is excited to be home and can’t wait to “pigout bigtime”.


  1. Betty DeKorte

    I am so thankful for you guys, what a calling! I pray this experience will have a lasting effect on these boys. It is not their fault the negative things that have taken place in their lives! It is however, their responsibility how they react and responds to,those things. This is where they need help and guidance and you are part of influencing their lives for good. Thank you so much. God bless you as God uses you in a mighty way!

  2. Gwen

    You leaders ROCK!! You may never know the true impact you have had on these boys! You have created memories this week that are a once-in-a lifetime experience. I am thankful for each of you and pray the Lord continues to bless you and your remaining time with the boys. Stay strong and stay true to who you are – you are AWESOME!!


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