Day 1 has come to an end!

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Today was the start of a new adventure, Patrick asked if anyone wanted to do the blog and I, Sam, as the junior leader decided to to write the blog.

Today, we started a once in a life time opportunity taking on W.A.R (Wilderness, Adventure,Ranch). We all boarded the van; as everyone was boarding, the kids were interacting with one another in a very positive way.

When we got to camp there were so many social interactions from the boys and there were no arguments which was great! When all the boys were done unpacking we went over the rules of camp as well as the point system. The kids were very understanding of it and there were no complaints. Dinner was a little rough, some boys decided to disregard the rules so there was a talk after dinner and from there things got better. After dinner we went and played some basketball and tennis and then had a ton of fun on the climbing wall.  A few of the boys challenged themselves to go further than they thought they could go and were proud of themselves.

At around nine we had a fire and shared some scary stories (spooky). Then kids started to take showers and got stuff ready for bed. As for day one… it went pretty well! The leaders and I are really looking forward to see how the boys find there way through Christ as they go on in there journey!



  1. Mary Beth Champrenault

    Sounds like a pretty great first day! I pray that you lead my example, and steer the boys in the correct direction, as I know you can! We love you and are soooo proud of you! ❤️

  2. Michael Champrenault

    Sam, it is great to see you are able to help and guide others on this wonderful journey. I have no doubt that you will do a great job and be there for all the kids. They can learn so much from you, as we do every day through your personality and kindness at home!
    We love you so much and are very proud of you and your role in this adventure!
    Thank you for making a big impact in these boys life!
    Love you,


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