Getting into a Rhythm!

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It’s Day 3 of our Wilderness Adventure Ranch and the boys are beginning to find their rhythm!  The boys are getting to know each other better and building trust. They are starting to open up to the leaders and each other. While it’s great to see them opening up, this is also the part of camp that can, at times, become difficult for the leaders. As the boys become more comfortable There has been some negative behavior showing itself, and this is where we intentionally draw close to them to work through it. We find this is the best time to have open and honest conversations as we meet them where they are at. However, this can become very mentally draining for the leaders. Please continue to pray for strength as the leaders are engaging and seeking true breakthrough’s with the boys.

Today we hit the water front for some boating, turtle hunting, and water wrestling! Antonio was the first to catch a small painter turtle while Mr. Lee went out on a paddle board with some of the boys and went swimming in the middle of the lake. Some of the boys had never been paddle boarding and loved every moment!

When the kayaker’s and paddle boarders returned, we moved to the swimming area and played ‘King of the Raft”! All the boys joined in and had a blast teaming up against the leaders!

After  today’s swim time, we headed back to the barn where we spent some time learning about the emotional connection horses can make with us. The boys saddled their horses and went to work in the arena learning to turn and trot. After the lesson we removed tack and gave each horse a bath. It was the perfect end to a hot day.

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  1. Tina Tarr

    Wow Nate looks lime ya all are having fun.


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