Frowns 🙁 turned upside down 😊

by | Jun 17, 2018 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Leaving lifestream today, was filled with a lot of emotion.  The tears quickly turned into laughter.  Arriving at camp the girls found some new friends and settled in.  We started off by  creating some expectations for our trip.

The girls selected their room mates, and picked out their bunk.  Then we headed to do a Little Rock climbing to put some of their expectations to the test.

We had girls who were scared at first to put the harness on, and they not only put it on, but climb the wall! She faced her fear of heights and did great job.  The best part of the night for me, was watching all the girls pull together and cheer each other on.  They were all encouraging each other, and supporting each other when they were down.

Settling in for the night with a little campfire was the end to a perfect day.



  1. Karen Tien

    Sounds like a great time !
    Be adventurous looks like the week will be full of new things to many of you but full of fun and you will meet many friends along the way !
    Have Fun !!!
    Thank You Ranch 💞
    Hi Stacie
    Love Aunt Karen

  2. Sandy Marsman

    Aleena….is that you at the top of the wall? You are awesome! Wish I could have been there to see you accomplish that! Way to go! I’m so proud of you for being at the Ranch, and I can’t wait to hear what big plans God has in store for you!!


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