A dog gone good day !!!

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Today was a great day of growth for everyone!  It was a fun day filled with great activities that helped the staff make some amazing connections with the girls and identify some opportunities for growth for the girls.

We began the morning with it being much cooler. It was refreshing ! The girls ate breakfast and then went to the Zip Line.  This zip line is a  wire connected between two poles  that has a slop  allowing a  person that is in a harness and a safety equipment to slide down the cable for 500 yds about 50 ft up in the air .

Then the girls went to throw tomahawks…yes…tomahawks!! And they had a blast! Three girls hit the target !!!! All the girls participated with a lot of smiles and pride. The Cran Hill Ranch staff, Mr Jackson, stated that the group was very polite.

The girls then built a tower out of marshmallows ,spaghetti noodles and tape as part of our Next Gen Entrepreneurship activities building creativity and innovation. Each group did a great job and were engaged in the task!!

One group won by a noodle.

This afternoon was filled with horses learning how to trust us and the girls earning the respect and trust of the horses…the Round Pen!

Our final activity of the afternoon was river tubing !!!!  Each person got a tube and we floated down the Muskegon River !!!  Some girls saw an Eagle go after a fish , others a deer and finally a crane.

With some working together we were able to manage the river current and make our take out point at High Banks !

Late for dinner again but the cooks are amazingly forgiving!

Testimonies continue tonight .

We ask for prayer that the girls will begin to develop clarity and insight into their specific areas of need and that the leaders would be equipped with the proper tools and Gods hand to lead them through this transformation process!


  1. Laura Kuperus

    Hi Tanyiah and MaKylah! Wow, it looks like you are having an amazing time and getting to have some really cool new experiences. I love seeing the pictures of you, especially throwing a tomahawk!!! So fun! I’m praying for you this week.
    Mrs Kuperus

    • Tanyiah



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