Like Arrows in the Hands of a Warrior…

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Yesterday was filled with some amazing adventures! We went to breakfast then right after we went to ride horses and learn how to take care them, some of the girls were a little nervous at first but then after a few minutes they overcame it and were very excited to learn more.

Each girl was assigned a horse to groom and feed. Then we  ldearned how walk and guild the horse. After lunch we went to take care of the horses a bit more and went swimming.  Some of the girls are also learning how to paddleboard!

Before dinner the girls did archery and they did very good! A few of the girls hit several targets intentionally !

At night Jen shared her testimony and it helped a lot of girls out because it connected with some of their own personal struggles.

The girls are amazing.

Please pray for good weather for the weekend


  1. Montery sterling

    Hey gm RR just wanna check in on Ta’Nyiah Sterling see how things are going and how she maybe enjoying herself .

    • Patrick

      Hello! Ta’nyiah is doing great and enjoying herself! Check out her personal page for an update and prayers!

  2. Brad (Carter’s Dad)

    That looks fun 👍 Love you Carter-Rose, you look like a natural rider 🙂

  3. Aunt Kira

    Carter Rosie! I hope you’re having so much fun with the horses ♥️ Love you so much girly 🙂


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