Life Lessons with Every Choice!

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This has been an amazing and powerful hike along the Manistee River Trail! These girls have learned so much about themselves and each other! Every day and every activity is filled with challenges, choices, and positive application and lessons to their lives back home. It Has not been easy as the trail is tough in the packs are heavy… As in life many of us carry a lot of weight on her shoulders and our days are filled with many ups and downs.

Last night, our junior leader, Jordan, gave her powerful testimony and the girls were in awe as they listened. None of them knew the struggles she had been through and how closely they related to many of their own lives. I loved hearing this question, “What advice would you give us if we are having some of the same feelings you were having?” The leaders stepped back and let the girls have a powerful dialogue with Jordan about positive choices.

Jordans testimony was followed by Michelle’s testimony and once again, the girls were surprised to hear many of their same struggles through Michelle’s story. Michelle opened up about the things she is working on and shed a few tears when explaining how she sees herself in many of these girls. It was amazing to see Gods artwork in the sky behind her as she spoke! Check out the pics in Facebook! God connected the right staff with this group and it has been so great to watch the girls all connect in ways that never happen outside the Manistee trail in Gods country!

After dark the group went on a night hike looking for Bigfoot. The girls learned some squatch calls and thought they saw something in the trees but could not verify the existence of Sasquatch.

Today, the staff gave the girls control and offered a challenge. They would need to determine their own wake up time, breakfast time, devo time, and when they left for our final campsite. If they arrived by a certain time, we would provide a special snack for the last night! The girls were up at the crack of dawn working together to take down camp. By 8am we were doing meditation and yoga with Youth Leader Jodi followed by a powerful devotion in Romans . After a quick breakfast the girls were on their way to the final site.

However, after leaving Camp, about 1/2 mike in, the leaders learned that the girls left Camp without properly covering bathroom holes. In the woods, this is a big NO-NO! and every choice has a consequence. The girls had to return to camp to fill their holes and begin the hike again.  Life is all about lessons, especially out here!

They are off again and making good time. I am currently waiting at the next water stop and we will see how they are doing on time. Please continue to pray for the girls today as this will be a long hike; but they are ready for it! Later today we will be swimming and fishing followed by our salavation night and dinner on the fire!

We are reading the girls your posts from their personal pages, however, due to connection issues, they cannot respond, but I assure you, they mean the worlds to them!!

We are also unable to post pictures here so please go to our Facebook page to see pics. We will see you tomorrow at 12:15pm!!


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