Problem Solving and a Spider Web

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Today as we realize the midway point of our camp experience, there is the realization that the boys are growing in their comfort level with one another and understanding both the difficulty and the excitement of some of the challenges that may lie ahead.

Group problem-solving and teambuilding activities have revealed and conveyed to the boys the importance of flexibility tolerance and patience when needing to all work together and accomplish what at times can be very difficult tasks.

The less structured activities such as swimming and typical pre-teen games of wrestling and horseplay have provided opportunities for them to continue to gel with one another.

Watching the boys care for the horses and doing a trail ride today was an amazing experience. The boys have progressed to turning, backing up, and even trotting on their horses!

It’s amazing to see the boys building such a strong friendship with their horse! Pray that God will speak to these boys, even through their horses! God will use every opportunity to speak to these boys and to us if we are listening!


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