God-Moment Culmination

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This year we had a lot of difficulty with cellular service on the trail and were not able to post on the blog as much as we hoped. We did read the blog posts to the boys so thank you for continuing to post comments on their pages! The comments gave them a lot of needed encouragment. The boys hiked hard and played even harder! They really bonded in a big way…by day 2, they were encouraging each other and helping each other without any prompting from the leaders. Our hope and prayer is that they would remember their time here and the lessons they learned, the people they met, and the God that loves them.

On the last night of the trail, we stay in a special place we believe is covered by the grace of God! Seaton Creek Campground is managed by an amazing man of God, Bob Robertson. Bob is a Vietnam POW Survivor and Warrior for Christ. He came and spoke to the boys tonight about the Vietnam WAR that took 4 years of his life and the WAR he battles everyday for Christ! What a powerful testimony for this man of God! The boys loved him!

This last day is a culmination of all the small God-moments and we always celebrate with a cool-out, music, and dancing! Tonight we had 5 boys make a decision to ask God into their hearts!

From here, the boys will transition into our aftercare portion of the program which includes a full year of in-home case management and in-school mentorship. We also bring the boys back together for multiple follow-up activities. The support helps remind them of the commitments they made while at Camp and helps support their decisions to follow Christ.

You will not see anymore daily posts about this group, but we will post prayer videos. Please be sure to like our Facebook page for updates on the program. We still have multiple teens/families who are in need of scholarships. If you or someone you know is interested to help sponsor a family, please go to www.RRanchMI.org and click DONATE.

Thanks and God bless!


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