Day 2 on the Trail – John 10:10

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I have found a small window of connection so I wanted to add a quick update. We are just leaving site 2 on our way to the final stop. The boys are doing great. They are learning a lot about themselves. The staff is making strong connections of their behavior and decisions here at camp to that back home. We have had a few minor set backs which we have had to work through together…all have been used as growth opportunities for the boys. By now, the boys have built enough trust and comfort with each other to allow some of their walls to come down. This creates opportunities for some great conversations, but also opens us up for challenges. In John 10:10 God tells us that the enemy, satan, comes to steal, kill, and destroy. And he has been at work this weekend to try and tear us apart. He has tried to create self-doubt in these boys. But God finishes that verse by telling us that He came so we could live life to its fullest! Through the amazing testimonies and unconditional love being shown through the staff, God is at work! Please pray for tonight’s salvation night that theses boys would be open to hearing from God and that they can begin a relationship with the true and lasting life changer!


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