Aleena is 14 years old.  Aleena’s birthday is May 11.  Aleena is returning to camp this year as Junior Leader of the Girls W.A.R. camp.  Aleena is a very adventurous, intelligent and creative young lady.  Aleena has grown so much in her faith and personal relationship with Christ over this past year.


  1. Jamie Curtis

    GIRL!!! I am oh so proud of you and know that God is going to do some amazing things in and around you this next week and throughout the year. Praying for you girl to remember how deeply your Creator loves you and have some incredible plans for your life!! Much Love!!!

  2. Carla Rozema

    Sweet, sweet Aleena… we are so proud of you and how much you continue to shine. Your love for God, your family and for you is shared through your heart of gold. We are praying God helps guide you as you share his love with others. We love you so much.
    Grandma and Grandpa

  3. Sandy Marsman

    Oh my word….Aleena! I was so excited to see your picture on the Blog page! I’m so proud of you for coming back as a Junior Leader! You’ll be so amazing for these girls to guide them and teach them what you’ve learned over the years. I can’t wait to see you at send off and give you a huge hug….I miss your sweet smile!

    • Aleena Marie

      Oh my goodness Mrs . Marksman I’m so happy to see your name on my page you have definitely set the bar for future teachers to this day I still think of you! I’m so exited to See you ! Thankyou so much for writing to me !

      • Sandy Marsman

        Ahhh….you’re so sweet! I remember great talks in the hall and lots of hugs from you!! Such awesome memories! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

  4. Kris

    I am encouraged that you’ve entered this race; my hope is that you leave this experience with the principles (the basic need-to-know) skills to not only survive, but thrive!

    As you work on you, everything else around you will make sense!

  5. Loretta

    Sweet Beautiful Aleena , I know we don’t know each other well but Im so proud to see you taking this journey. We need more young people to learn to travel in Life with God . I Love you and sending prayers for all of you girls my you grow in your journey closer to each other as well as our Creator.

  6. Janene Schroeder

    Hi Aleena!! I’m so proud of you!!! How exciting that you are coming back to the Ranch as a leader! I will be praying for you during your trip! Let your light shine bright…..I know you will be such a blessing to the other girls!
    ❤️- Mrs. Schroeder

  7. Ang Renfrow

    Today you start W.A.R.2021, from a different perspective. I am sure you are nervous, and maybe a little timid bc of all the new faces, but don’t be. Embrace those other ladies and show them, thats it’s okay and just how amazing RR is. Use your time to help others but don’t forget about you! Work on those leadership skills by listening to the other leaders and not being afraid to try new things. Dad and I couldn’t be more proud of the young lady you have become, and we can’t wait to hear about this year’s adventures.


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