Amiya is 13 years old. Amiya’s birthday is June 21. Amiya lives with her mom and 2 siblings.  Amiya can be shy, but once she warms up her sweet and friendly demeanor shines through.  Amiya is very caring and has a big heart.  Amiya makes friends easily. This will be Amiya’s second year attending camp.


  1. Jamie Curtis

    Hey sweet Amiya!!! It’s Jamie and I wanted you to know I am praying and will continue to pray that God greatly blessed you this year with your time with RR! I can’t wait to hear all about it and see all of the amazing pictures!!! Have a blast and enjoy each crazy moment!!!

  2. Nancy Dyke

    Hi Amiya, I will be praying for you next week as you go to camp. That God will bless your time there and grow you closer to Him. Excited to see and hear all the fun things you will do and the ways God will meet you where you’re at.

  3. Jamie

    Happy 2nd day of camp!!! Praying for you Amiya that God will continue to grow and stretch you in ways you cannot even imagine. Remember how much you stretched yourself last year? I can’t wait to hear all about your trip this year and the ways God used you and your kind heart!!!


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