Jacilyna is 11 years old. She is a good student and maintains good grades. She is finishing the 5th grade and will start Middle School in the Fall.  Jacilyna is a very kind and caring you lady to her peers and especially to her younger sister.


  1. Sandy Marsman

    Yay….the blog is up and working! Makes me smile to see your adorable picture, Jaci! Your bio is perfect for you…so kind and caring. I can’t wait to hear all about this amazing experience for you…it’s going to be awesome! I know you’re already worrying, but there’s no need to! Illy is going to be fine without you…she’ll be so happy to hear about your experience! You’ll make great new friends because you’re a honey! And….you will do amazing at camp. I’ve been praying for you, sweetheart. I’ve been praying for your nervousness to go away, for you not to be worried about leaving Illy, for you to make great friends, and most importantly for you to realize this week how much you are loved by God….He created you so perfectly, and He loves you SO much! He’s all you need, sweetheart! I’m also praying for mom and dad, Illy, and the rest of the family! I can’t wait to see you at send off….I need a good Jaci hug!

  2. Sandy Marsman

    Are you all packed and ready? I can’t wait to see you tomorrow before you leave! You’re going to love it and have an amazing time….no worrying about anything! Illy’s going to do great and so are you! This will be a life changing week for you, and I’m so excited to hear all about it! See you soon!

  3. Stacey Blevins

    Jaci, Im so proud of how strong, talented, and caring you are. You are the reason I wake up and smile every morning. Te Amo!!! Besos

  4. Gina

    Have an amazing trip Jacilyna. Make some great memories. I will miss you. Can’t wait to see you when you come back. ❤️


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