Jayden B.
ayden is 12 years old. Jayden’s birthday is August 22.  Jayden is a gifted athlete and is very involved in sports.  Jayden is doing well in school academically and maintains good grades.


  1. Hillary Weaver

    Hi Jaden we are the Weaver‘s and we are your prayer partners for this year. We are so happy to meet you and hope that you have the best time at camp. We are parents to four kids. Shayna’s age 15, Jacob is 12, Carlee is 8, Kinsley is five. Make lots of friends at camp and have the time of your life we will message again soon.

  2. Peter Winiarski

    Hi Jaden. I’m Pete, and I am one of your prayer partners also. I am a dad and grandfather, which makes me really OLD. 🙂 I will be praying often for you and your family. May your time with the Ranch be a time where you grow in knowing the Lord, meet new friends, learn and have fun.

  3. Hillary weaver

    How are things going jayden? Hope things are good with you. Is there anything we can specifically pray for you? Are you getting excited about camp? Please let us know if you are in need of anything for camp! Smile stay positive and have a great week.

  4. Peter Winiarski

    Hi Jayden, I’m praying often for you and your family, that you would know that the Lord loves you and that your time together this summer goes well. If you would like prayer for anything let me know. Enjoy your day today in whatever you do!


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