Climbing Wall

by | Jun 20, 2021 | Ranch News | 6 comments

What a Great First Day! We have an awesome bunch of courageous ladies, leaving home for 9 days to go out be brave and try new challenges, attack fears and make great friends.

Our first adventure was the climbing wall! Several of the girls today stepped out of their comfort zone and beat the goals they set for themselves.

The girls were introduced to their Bibles today and spent some time journaling.

We ended our night with Smores by a campfire.

Please continue to pray that the girls develop authentic relationships.


  1. Scott A Yerrick

    Hi Natalie! Saw your photo by the climbing wall. Did you give it a try? Hope you have a wonderful time and make new friends. Love, Papa and Grandma.

  2. Karen Parker

    That wall is intimidating for sure! It reminds me of Matthew 17:20, when Jesus tells us to have faith to move mountains. A big shout out for all who tried it! ~Karen

  3. Kari J Wiersema

    Hey Rayne! Hope you are having a good time. I caught the facebook live while you were halfway up the wall! Looked scary to me so it was super impressive how all you girls looked like it was nothing 🙂 Hope your having fun and I think you were able to meet your horse today so can’t wait to hear about that

  4. Marianne Provenzano


    I am so happy to hear that you joined Remembrance Ranch Girls Camp! Meeting and working with a horse is something that I always wanted to do; I am so happy to hear that you get to have that opportunity. I will be looking for videos and pics of your time and hope you have the best journey ever!

  5. Jeremy

    Hey Mia! You go girl. Trust your team and develop some awesome meaningful relationships. God is doing a great thing in your life!

  6. Emily Brechting

    Hi Dakota! We’ve been thinking about you and praying over each of your days so far. It was awesome to see the climbing wall and archery. Both are activities we enjoy as well. We hope the rest of your day goes well and that you are making some awesome connections!


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