Cardier is energetic and athletic. He loves sports. Pray Cardier can learn to be a positive leader. Pray Cardier will bond with staff and peers while at camp. Pray Cardier can open his heart to a relationship with Jesus.


  1. Anastasia

    Hello my son,
    I am praying you see these next 9 days as an adventure and an opportunity to do and learn new things. I want you to be optimistic and do not worry instead pray about anything. I love you and your going to have an amazing time ❤️❤️ love mom

    • Cardier

      Hi mom I miss you and I’m going to start praying a lot more and I’m reading more of the crazy faith book and today I did rock climbing,swimming test, and we took showers and just so you know love you mom

  2. Nolan Klein

    Hey Cardier!! I have great news for you. You are loved by Jesus. And I pray that you experience the joy he has you in the coming days and in your life. He wants a relationship with you, and he sees your issues, flaws and still loves you. On the same token, He sees all the good in you. I love you my brother, this is going to be an amazing adventure.

  3. Nolan Klein

    Hello Cardier! God loves when we pray to Him. It is our communication with Him, and when we choose pray we invite Him into our hearts and lives, so that He may show us His works. I pray that you can see Him work in you through prayer, and that it feels good. The more you spend time with Jesus, the more happy you feel doing it. I remember when I first started trying to spend time with Jesus, which wasn’t that long ago. It wasn’t very fun to me, but, after a while of just doing it, knowing it was good, it began to improve my life in so many ways.

    The Holy Spirit is with you Cardier. I pray for His love to extend to you in many wonderful ways. Keep up the good work.

    • Anastasia

      Hey Cardier!!! How is day two? What did you do ,what was your favorite part of the day today? I went to see nana and terrein yesterday for a little while and they wanted me to tell you they love you and hope you have a great time. Remember to be successful you have to get out of your comfort zone and every hard thing can be a lesson. Have a great night and I love you
      Love mom ❤️❤️

      • cardier

        hey mom I love you and today I did swimming and spider web and we rode horses and I met my horse her name is sky and and we did devos and gaga ball and I love you very much and I miss you.

    • Darcy

      Cardier,my great nephew ,
      Hope camp is awesome!! Make good memories and friends. U will be a new man when u come home. I can’t wait to c u.

      Love u more than a fat kid loves cupcakes, Aunt Darcy

      • Anastasia

        Cardier!!! How is day 3? Your dad was watching today’s Facebook live. He was trying to get the guy to tell you hi! What did you do today?
        Love, mom

  4. Nolan Klein

    Hey Cardier!

    I hope you are having lots of fun so far! I have been praying for you brother. I pray that God shows you many wonders and that you can truly feel His presence. He is madly in love with you, for you are His beautiful creation. Don’t forget the size of the Lord, He is greater than the vastness of the universe, and His love for you is deeper than any sea. Keep praying, everywhere you go, prayer is something you can do anywhere and any time. When you are walking in a hall, playing outside, doing sports, any time. I can tell you that the more you pray, the more happy you will become. In your prayers, thank Him, ask Him for guidance, and ask Him to forgive you for things you may have done against His word.

    All the best my friend.


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