Shaun is an outgoing young man who loves to be outside in nature. Pray Shaun will have a transformational experience at camp. Pray Shaun will develop skills that will help him interact in a positive way with everyone in his life. Pray Shaun will learn of all the amazing plans God has for him and […]


  1. Dad

    We love you buddy, enjoy your time and take it all in

  2. Mom

    Hey Kiddo! Been thinking about you. Hoping you had a first great day. Make sure you drink lots of water in this heat. Sleep good and have fun tomorrow. Also, we didn’t get the house, but that’s okay!😊Love you!

    • Shaun bruinsma

      I have Been drinking a lot of water and today was fun

  3. Emma

    Hope your having a great time! Love you bud ❤️ Stay weird 👽

  4. Scot Rich

    Happy Sunday!!! Father God thank you for Shaun. Be with the Ranch team as they experience your wonders, mercy and love Have a blessed day!!!

  5. Mom

    Hey Kiddo! I saw a picture of you on a horse. You looked good! Did you remember all your riding skills that you learned at Camp Henry? Saw the video of you guys on the climbing wall. How’d you do? It looked like fun, but a challenge. I’m sure you were up for it! Did it rain there today. It rained here off & on all day. I hope you had a great day , along with all the other boys. I love you. Sleep good tonight. I’ll be thinking and praying about you tonight along with everybody else there. I’ll check in tomorrow and see how your doing!

  6. Dad

    Saw you at the climbing wall, how did you do? I’m sure you rang the bell🎉. Hope it isn’t too hot at night. Hope you’re looking forward to hiking. I love you buddy.

    • Shaun

      I did not make it to the top of the wall but I was so close

  7. Dad

    Glad to see you are having a good time. You were close, hopefully you get a chance before the hike to ring it, I’m sure you can do it. Looks like you are all having a great time and learning 🙏

  8. Mom

    Hey Shaun! It looks like you had a good fun day. I was watching the archery video and saw you hit the turkey. Good shot! So you guys did tie dye today and you all have blue hands. What did you guys dye? T-shirts? Anyway, Dad’s still working on the kitchen floor. Hopefully, it will be done when you get home. I have school training all day tomorrow. So I’ll check in on Facebook when I get home. Have a great evening. Sleep good. Love you!


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