Rock Climbing & Team Belay

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Hello!  We just completed the rock climbing wall and the boys had a blast!  Each one set a goal on the wall for themselves…some wanted to make it all the way to the top, others picked a certain point on the wall.  Then while climbing, they named their goal…For K.R., it was “TO DO SOMETHING GREAT IN LIFE.” 

For L.Q., it was “TO DO SOMETHING BIG FOR MY MOM.”  For J.B., it was “TO BE A BETTER BROTHER.”  J.O. accomplished something huge…while he is afraid of heights, he chose a block about half way up and he made it!  This was not easy for him.  And coming back down was also not easy.  But he did it, and he was proud.  Then, we did another exercise called, “The Flying Squirrel.”  J.O. did not want to do it because of heights, but he made an obtainable goal for himself…he wanted to allow the team to lift him off the ground…and he did it!  This was a huge step for the whole team as J.O. stepped out of his box and accomplished something BIG!   


  1. Arica

    Thank you for all the updates and pictures! It sounds like God is working on all of your lives and it’s so amazing that he handpicked each one of you! I will continue to pray

  2. Renee

    Tell K.R. that he is full of greatness and I know it. The day he came in to our lifes…I knew good things were in his future. Keep working hard….I believe in ya….Aunt Nee


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