To my boys!

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Hey guys! It’s been 12 hours since I left camp, and I am homesick from all of you! I cannot express how happy, impressed and blessed I have been to have gotten to know you! You are all special gifts from God! 

To my JO: your smile, silly sense of humor and love for people is amazing. You have a tender heart, and I have no question that you will go far. Remember to watch your your posture and give people lots of eye contact and attention. Remember to ask friends to come over to hang out to meet your goal of making more friends. 
To my KR: we had a rough patch there for awhile, but your heart is sensitive and you want only the best for people. Remember the definition of arguing and how you can ask for help or clarification with grace and love! You will achieve greatness! 
To my JB: my little sunshine. You are so sweet and loving. You will be so successful in anything you do. Don’t let life’s problems take you down. Remember that you can only get through these issues without God. I am always here for you for “mama Jenn” hugs!! 
To my AD: your intelligence amazes me! Don’t use that intelligence to keep people at a distance. Let people in. Trust people. You are an amazing, kind and special person who can make a huge impact on the world. Please let God in! 
To my LQ: my quiet man with so much to say. You are intuitive, sensitive and love your family. Remember that you are the role model for D. Teach him how to be a young man, just like you! Read your bible, pray for wisdom! 
To my MT: you have so much energy! You run circles around us. We are thankful you love to beat down the ferns! I admire your passion for God and your desire and ambition to read the Bible and soak it all in. God is your strength. He can help you through any anger, sadness or anxiety. Pursue your goals! 
To Kevin, Patrick, Jordan and Cole: thanks for making this week so memorable. Without Jordan and Cole, we may be most in the woods. Kevin and Patrick, you have been a spiritual Rick for me to lean on for encouragement. Recite Phillipians 4:13 when things get rough out there! Continue to seek God, lean on Him and teach these boys the love and forgiveness of our Holy God. I love all 4 of you deeply! 
Please give my campers hugs for me! 


  1. lita

    Well we are in the home stretch!… LQ we miss you and look forward to you and the rest having a safe return home…B safe and continue to b strong!…We hope you are having a great experience. To JB you are also in our thoughts and prayers. Take Care can’t wait for u all to come home!

  2. Rob Terpstra

    Thanks to Don and others for the prayers to MT. We got MT’s mail today and the house was filled with excitement at the dinner table as we opened it. Tell MT we are so excited to hear about his growth in himself, GOD, his work with the group, and him challenging himself! This is bitter sweet because we can’t wait to see MT, but we know this is a fortunate experience and we are thankful. Love from Rob, Dee, Avery, Jordan and even Skittles (who calms MT at special times!)

  3. Don Drooger

    Dear S.Q.,
    I pray for you sunshine and days of adventure, and I pray for you nights of deep and restful slumber. I pray for God’s blessings on whatever you do, and that you have times of teamwork and togetherness, but also times of solitude in which to sit and think and ponder how much time we spend on the unimportant little things that seem to comprise a life and the big and important things that speak of eternity and of knowing our Father God and learning to walk in His ways . . . I pray that His Spirit walks close by your side, and I pray that our Saviour, Jesus Christ, becomes your best friend, both in this life and the next . . . I pray for your mother, and brothers too, that our God favors them with His blessings, and that you too are a blessing to them, and they to you . . . I pray for you, SQ, my unknown friend, yet my brother too, that whatever burdens life has placed upon you, that you willingly and joyfully permit Jesus to help you carry the load, that you surrender the self-important I, and become a We, my Saviour and me . . . You continue in my thoughts and prayers, many times each day . . .

    I pray for you raindrops, and clouds, dark and gray, and the storms of life that help you to grow into the man that God would have you to be. I pray for you joy in spite of the heartache and the pain that life gives, and I pray that you learn wisdom from those whose counsel you seek, and I pray for you understanding of what’s really important in life, for its not found in the trinkets and time-wasters we desire and use, but only in what an eternity with our Father God and His Son our Saviour promises and provides . . . You continue in my thoughts and prayers, many times each day . . .

    I pray for your safety on the road that you travel in life, to have smooth spots and rough spots, and I pray that always and forever you have both family to walk beside you and many friends nearby, but more than anything I pray that you both understand and sense and know the companionship of our Father God and His Son, Jesus Christ, as a constant and ever-abiding friend to walk with you each and every day, and every step, and always . . . You continue in my thoughts and prayers, many times each day . . .


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