The Glory Trail

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Wow! was that ever an exciting adventure! We just arrived back at Base Camp (Eagle Village) after an unforgettable 3-day backpacking adventure.  We began our adventure at Red Bridge.  After getting our packs on we moved up the Manistee River Trail.  In those 3 days, we hiked a total of 9 miles north, then canoed the 9 miles back down river today back to Red Bridge.  Each night, we set up camp along the trail, cooked our meals on a camp stove (set up and led by the teens), had our personal time along the trail, and then spent time around the fire talking about the day and how our struggles along the trail pertained to our lives back home. The first few miles were difficult as the team had to figure out their pace and adjust to the pack weight.  After the first day, the staff was not sure we would make it to the canoe drop point.  However, as the team came together and each individual pushed through, we actually arrived two hours early!! 

The first night, after our individual trail time, we discussed the importance of putting a “stake” in the ground to leave behind old ways and start today new.  Jenn led the team through an exercise where they actually went and found a stake to drive into the ground.  As each teen drove their stake in the ground, they named things about themselves they wanted to correct and change.  J.O.’s was to be a better person and helper around the house (grandma’s dishes).  J.B. was to be a role model for his younger brother and a better son to his mom.  A.D.’s was to be a better brother and to use his intelligence to help the world around him.  L.Q. said he wanted to be an example to “D”, and to help out more around the house.  K.R.’s stake was to grow closer to God.  M.T. also wanted to grow closer to God. As they drove their stake into the ground we all gathered around, laid hands on each other, and prayed about the stake in the ground.

If you didn’t get anything else from this blog, I am about to announce the greatest part of the trip!!!!  On the second night while sitting around the fire, we discussed salvation and what it means to ask Jesus into one’s life.  We discussed the separation we have from God due to sin and that Jesus came as a sinless sacrifice so that we could reconnect with God.  Jordan, one of the Eagle Village Leaders, told a true story from her life about true sacrifice and that salvation is available to everyone, whether you want it or not.  The price for our sin has already been paid and all we need to do is accept it!  We had them bow their heads and offered the teens a chance to raise their hand if they wanted to accept God’s free gift of salvation.  As we sat quietly around the fire, I wasn’t sure whether any of them would actually respond.  However, one by one, they began to raise their hands, and one by one, the leaders sat with them away from the group to guide them and listen to them as they prayed and asked Jesus Christ to come in to their hearts.  They told God they no longer wanted control, they wanted Him to take over in their lives and in their homes.  We were in tears as all six teens assured us of their understanding of the gospel and prayed their own prayer, asking God to be the leader in their lives!   Praise God!  There is a party going on in Heaven today!


  1. lita

    LQ, we r so proud of you!…we miss and love u so much!….excellent teamwork for all the boys…LQ I feel the change in you all the way over here! Stay strong and we will see you soon! Love mom

  2. Sabrina V.

    All I can say is “Awesome”!!!!!!! I got the chills when I heard about all the boys accepting Christ – what an amazing eternal gift they recieved and thank you to all the RR staff and Eagle Village staff for loving, leading and teaching these boys in the Spirit and showing them who Christ is through you! I am so excited that I can’t sleep! Praise God!!!

  3. Josh Krikke

    Great news! Six more brothers in Christ! Go God! Thanks to Pat and crew for your service.

  4. Casey Van Harn

    Praise God for their acceptance of the gift of eternal salvation

  5. Casey

    Shout out to L.Q. Be ready to hangout when you get back man great to hear about the commitment you made

  6. Ronda

    KR we are excited to have you back in our home as a more improved version of you!! We know your capable of exceptional things. Together we hope you are able to turn the corner and lead a life of greatness!


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