God is in the House!!!

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We had a rough start yesterday as the group was getting to know each other…tempers flared early as they tested each others patients.  However, God is at work!!!  During this mornings devotional, the teens learned how to look up scripture.  We talked about the four ways God speaks to us, Bible, Other People, Circumstances, and Prayer.  Todays theme is Choices and Challenges and we ended the devotional with my testimony.  The teens were surprised to hear about my past and the struggles I experienced in life.  It was also an eye-opener for a few of them who are currently experiencing some of those same struggles.  We discussed the road i was on as a teenager and the road i chose to take after placing God at the center…the future destructive, unhappy life i could have had and the joy-filled life i actually am experiencing today…life is about choices…challenges will come, but how you respond is what will make the difference.  SQ is letting down his walls, NK is beginning to find his place, CA is finding his focus, AR is missing home but expressed his goal of getting better grades in school, TA is working on listening but needs some prayer for staying focused during coops, TK needs some prayer in responding appropriotly and committing, KC is very smart and has lots of great ideas but needs prayer as he likes to respond by telling us he doesnt care. 

p.s.  Tonight, we will have an “I Can’t” funeral…..i’ll explain later!  Kevin will also share his testimony tonight…


  1. Zoe

    mKC is very smart indeed and he tends to not show it sometimes… this being said, I hope that he can learn to be more proud of who he is. I love you lil bro!!!

  2. KC mom

    Hey buds. To bad I didn’t make your middle name Fred… then I could call you KFC! Ha ha! Hope your having a fantastic time and are planning on telling me all about it when you get home. So I have to tell you about that Bella.She is SO funny!!! she decided to chase Homer around the yard so he ran up a tree, Bella stood at the tree trunk stomping her hoofs and squealing here high pitched whinny. Homer sat up in the tree licking his paws and she got so angry she ran around Amy’s house bucking and leaping the whole way!! You would’ve laughed your butt off! Hope you have a good night, I will write again soon.Love you!

  3. La-Rikki Adams

    Hello CA, I love you and miss you very much. Your Grandma said you were kinda nervous when she dropped you off, but I know you adapt very quickly to your environment so I know your doing fine. Im confident you are in good hands, and your going to learn a lot about yourself through others. God bless you and all the campers, and whdn you get home you can teach me something that you learned. Your cousins Dondon, and Trayveon said Hi. Mico and Tay cant wsit to see you. Uncle Jerry and Luis also says Hi. You know your little brother misses you although he cant say it. Im excited for you all enjoying the great outdoors before you all go back to school. Great way to end the summer! You all are in my thoughts and prayers, and I enjoy reading what you all are up to. Have a wonderful blessed night.

  4. nk dad

    Glad your doing good buddy…miss you lots

  5. NK MOM

    Hi buddy! I am so glad that you are finding your place. We can’t wait till you come home to tell us all about your adventures. Keep up the amazing work. I know it’s hard and you can do this 🙂 we miss you so much

  6. Terp

    CA I know you don’t know us, but take comfort in knowing that we have a special insight into this adventure. Last year MT my son attended this camp. We have been reading the posts and the comments with each other and sharing stories. I want you to know that whatever you are feeling, whatever you are going through, please know that as each day passes you will grow stronger, you will begin to find answers and insight that will guide you. This is coming from the power of GOD and the word of The Lord. I can see from the comments from your family that they are excited for you. Stay patient, find your opportunities to lead the group, watch the lense get clear as you find your focus. MT was the youngest last year and he found his place. I was proud to see him read the bible tonight, and pray for you. We don’t know you, but we love you and know you got this!

  7. Terp

    Well CA I don’t know if my last comment went through or not so I need to tell you this. Life will bring you doors and you can choose which to enter. This door, this experience was a great one for my son MT who entered last year. He was the youngest, and found his place. He struggled with anger and his emotions. But he found opportunity in Jesus. Tonight he read from his bible. He said he was really tired, but said he knew what you might be experiencing and wanted you to experience the power of GOD and to feel the strength and self control he feels. MT is a normal kid, he still gets in trouble with his family, his friends, at school, but as Patrick tells us we always have the opportunity to redemption and forgiveness…so no matter what hits you in the wilderness trust in GOD and know he is with you, pray for strength, pray for focus. We are praying for you and we love you…and MT can relate and wants you to keep pushing yourself…

  8. Arica

    You are absolutely right! He is smart and should be proud

  9. SQ mom

    Hey SQ. We really miss you a lot. Cant wait till you get home so we can all be together. Hope ur havin fun & learned from this experience. Luv u


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