Pulling it together

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Seems like a different bunch of boys here. Lots of smiles, teamwork and focus. Happy to see some initiative and leadership out of SQ. attitudes are being kept under control and we are proud to see NK and KC using better communication and keep the anger under control. Excited to go for a well earned swim and cook some hot dogs over the fire. Had some good moments with all of the guys laughing and just being boys. Patrick gave his testimony this morning and helped the boys see that no matter how many bad choices we make in life, we can always make a choice today to turn around and change your future. Patrick chose life and joy for his future and challenged the boys to take a stand and make a choice for their future now while they still have time. There is no peace and joy without the truth and love of God and that is only one choice away. 

Unfortunately for now pics will only be viewable on Remembance Ranch Facebook page. 


  1. SM

    So thankful that the boys are listening and already changing! Pat, thank you for sharing your amazing testimony with these boys and using it to help change lives!! So proud to know you!! These boys will never forget your words!

    To TK, hope you are enjoying the other guys and the leaders. You are being challenged by some of the most amazing men I know! Their testimonies are real and their goal in life is to help others and change lives…you are so blessed to be a part of this! Hang in there…it’s going to keep getting tougher each day, but God has an amazing plan for you this week! You will find Him during the toughest times and in all the quiet places you will be! Praying for your family while your gone, and for you to find out what true joy and happiness is!!

  2. NK MOM

    NK mom and dad are so proud of you. Keep up all the hard work. I know you can do this. We are enjoying all the p pictures and videos. I can’t wait to see more. Just keep praying hard! You got this!
    And to all the other boys out there your doing great KEEP IT UP EVERYONE


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