Off to the Mighty Manistee..

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Here I sit on the bus reflecting on the last two days…Wow!  we serve such a powerful God…yesterday the teens moved from the “storming” phase straight into the “performing” phase.  They began working like a well-oiled machine.  Leaders have begun to rise up out of the ashes of their lives…they are learning to utilize their strengths to help the team move forward.  Last night we had an “I Can’t” funeral…on a sheet of paper, each of the boys wrote down a few things they felt they couldn’t do in life…they didn’t have to share, but a few did…”I can’t get good grades.” “I can’t continue to try and control everything around me.” “I can’t wait to see my Grandma.”  They each folded up the paper and threw them in the fire.  We discussed how those “I can’ts” were now gone forever…it is now time to allow the “I Can’s” and the “I Will’s” to take over. Kevin shared his powerful testimony and touched the lives of these teens in a way they will never forget.  They sat around the fire with mouths open wide, in unbelief that Kevin had actually lived that life…been in prison, part of a gang, stabbed…and the only time in his lifehe was ever happy was when he let go and let God!  We are off to the Manistee for our three day hike on the trail…be in prayer for safety and more eye-ope8+%  


  1. Joan

    Hopefully you too are following these blogs. I know where you are at, I have been there too. So desperate for answers on how to make life better, especially for our kids and yet nothing seems to work. There is hope from the despair, it is found in coming to God in prayer. I know because God answered our prayers. He heard our cry for help and intervened. You see, I am the mom of Kevin who is now sharing his experiences and love of God with your boys!

  2. Carisa

    Lifting all of you up in prayer! We serve an Almighty God that can take you out of the slimy pit & put your feet on solid ground! There is no greater joy than to be walking close with The Lord! God has great plans for all of you if you surrender everything you have to Him!

  3. Terp

    Lifting up prayers to CA last night and this morning, asking that your “I can’t” funeral brings new light to your life moving forward. Asking GOD to enlighten you on the trail today as you reflect on GODs word as guidance. Be strong but be open to leaving the past…as I keep hearing Patrick and others say, this is a BIG GOD who will show you the way, give him the chance to bring new meaning to your life…we love you and will be thinking about you and praying for you many times today


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