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Be in prayer for more eye-opening experiences…yesterdays devotional forthe teens was Romans 3:23…today was Romans 6:23. Do you know where we are going with this?  The teens will be given solo time on the trail over the next few days, set apart from each other, out of view from any distractions.  They will have their bible and Gods mighty creation. I know God will be speaking to them, My prayer is that they will listen.  God prepare their hearts right now to accept your free gift of salvation!!!!!


  1. Tara

    This is a special shoutout for AR! AR, I’m sorry I haven’t written yet but wanted to let you know that you have been in my prayers for the last week. I know it is probably tough to be away from home, but know that God is always with you and you have people thinking of you & praying for you to find peace. Today you are challenged with some quiet, alone time. Know that you are NEVER alone in life. God is always with you & so are my prayers. Be head strong & heart strong & you will find the way!! Praying for you, friend!!

  2. Carisa

    Lifting all of you up in prayer this week! Our God has a huge plan for every one of you! His plan is not to harm you but to prosper you, to give you hope & a future! If you surrender your life to God He will lift you out of the slimy pit and put your feet on solid ground! There is no greater joy than to be walking close to God!

  3. NK MOM

    You boys are doing such an amazing job. Keep up all the hard work and know that God is with you and do are all of us. Your going to making amazing friendships that will last forever expecially the one your making with God. Mommy misses you NK so much. Your growing so much out there already and your gonna use this experience to help you in the years to come. Keep it up!

  4. Jaimy

    Praying for all involved this week!!! So excited for these teens to see how wonderful and powerful God is! How Good he is to us in good times in bad and if we trust in him how much butter things can be!!! Praying for hearts to be open to change!!!

  5. Joan

    Hope your having a good day. Gloomy here but am praying that you see a lot of light today. Especially the light from above! I prayed today that you will feel how bright and awesome God’s love can be in your life.

  6. TK MOM

    Hi TK, how are you doing? We all miss you here at home. Johnny says hi. Keep up the good work, hope everything is going well and your having fun. Donald says hi and he misses you and loves you. Iceman says hi too!

  7. Don Drooger

    Dear SQ – you are my hero for accepting the challenge of going where not many have ever gone before – that you would dare to become the best that ever you can, that you would leave home and family and move in with strangers and leaders you don’t know – to walk a dark pathway so far from home – dark only as the unknown is dark and foreboding – yet there, at the ending, is a bright shining light, of hope and success of having accomplished so much . . . to have climbed a high mountain, in your mind if not in fact or reality – but you are there, you’ve joined the fray, the battle has started and you led the charge, marching along with friends you never know you had, until this day, until this week . . .

    Dear SQ – Soon, perhaps today, you start on your wilderness adventure, and I pray especially that you walk in safety and grow closer to our God and there with your new friends – you have so much potential and promise, and your leaders there, and myself also, pray for you, that you both succeed in what you do, and sometimes fail, for nothing indicates to us our humanity and unfailing ability to make mistakes as does these missteps. Yet our failures teach us more than our successes, for they teach us patience and self-understanding, and then all others with whom we come in contact as they too make mistakes . . . Yet I pray for you great joy and happiness as you live your life, learning and growing and maturing and becoming the awesome man of God that you are called to be . . .

    Dear SQ – This early morning, after many prayers for you and your friends there at the Ranch and on the wilderness adventure – I pledge to you my continuing prayers, thinking of you as you march along down woodland paths, as you spend time alone, as you gather around the campfire in the evening and as you collapse into bed (whatever it is) and sleep the sleep of the weary – might the sun shine upon you, might the cooling breezes refresh you, might the beauty of our God’s creation thrill you, and might you feel the presence of our God’s Spirit as He guides you . . . know that you are loved . . .

  8. Terp

    Hey TA want to reach out to tell you that our prayers are still going strong as we ask GOD to help you move past the “I can’t” funeral and to a place of great reelection on the trail today. As you sit in the woods or on the trail, look around you at what GOD has created, use your bible to be inspired to what great things can come in your life. GOD loves you and will show you the way, pray on it and see what he brings to that powerful brain of yours. You got this!!! My kids can’t stop praying for you either, they say all of these powerful prayers are helping them to grow through you, thank you for your inspiration to my kids! Thank GOD for this opportunity!

  9. SM

    TK, praying specifally for you on the trails today…it will be so tough, but one thing I know about you is how strong you are! Think positive and keep fighting through today! You can do it! I am especially praying for your quiet/alone times today! Praying you can see God’s beauty everywhere you look and feel His presence as you think through where you want your life to go from this point on!! It is so exciting to think about the man you can become with Gods help! A man that has a testimony to share just like Patrick and Kevin’s, a man that will change lives someday!! Be positive today…you can do it!!

  10. Arica

    This message is for pat! We have been praying for strength everyday for you! The kids miss you so much.. Patrick is working so hard at football practice. He took second in the 40 meter dash and was soo proud. Peyton doesn’t understand time yet so she wakes up everyday and says ” when is dad coming home from work :)” Taylor misses you too! We are holding down the fort here so don’t worry about us at all. We just wanted you to know you are AMAZING! Love you

  11. Jenn

    Hey AR! I Talked to your mom today! She wanted me to tell you “I have been thinking of you, miss you and love you. Im very happy your having a good time, and I think of you often!”

    Have fun buddy!

  12. JS

    TK….Just wanted you to know that I have been praying for you each day you have been at the ranch. I imagine that it hasn’t been easy at times, but I know you can do it!! Today, I will specifically pray for your experience on the trails. I pray you will open your heart to the amazing gift that is there for you to receive. I pray that as you sit in the quiet wilderness, your heart is softened as you see the beauty of His creation and feel His love!! God has great things planned for you, TK!! Please know that you are being prayed for!

  13. Rebecca

    TA) hey boohk,
    I hope everything is well. I can’t believe you didn’t call me for my birthday. its cool though. I work all day and spent the rest of the night with the boys. I love you so much….mwah! hey dont forget Layce birthday!

  14. SQ Mom

    SQ Im really proud that you took this journey. Take this time alone. Think of life u have such a great future ahead of you. Make good choices. Thinking of you…


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