Stake in the Ground Recap

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As the boys practice their new rock wall climbing abilities I am stepping to the side to fill you in on this stake in the ground thing we recently mentioned.

Our first day on the trail brought many struggles for the boys as they realized the size of their packs and the trippers on the trails. When we got to the site we spoke with the boys about how there are trippers in their lives that may not trip our feet but trip up our progress and plans. As we talked about this we discussed things like money struggles, fighting in school, failing classes, not being able to control oneself or others and various other traumas in life. We shared with the boys that often we are able to leave things behind and the serenity of the woods being a great place to reflect and leave behind. 
Each boy then found a stick and took a turn identifying something they want to leave behind and literally drove the stake into the ground leaving that part of them behind. 
CA – bad grades in school
TA – lack of control/ownership of his actions
NK – lying about having/doing homework
TK – disrespecting authority 
SQ – disrespecting family
KC – not paying attention
AR – getting bad grades in school
So we ask of you as parents, family, friends, prayer warriors, please continue to hold these guys accountable and pray for their continued strength and progress for these goals. 
Also, as i sit here writing i am brought to tears as i hear seven boys who days ago  did not know one another cheer each other on with chants and shouts of success as they reach new heights! Boys,who arrived at camp nervous and unknowing who now know one another andmore that  half have accepted Christ Jesus with a seed planted in the other three. The guys have had their moments of temptation, fear, home sick, and exhaustion but have come through stronger and closer to the men they are meant to be with strength perseverance and compassion.
So proud and honored to witness the Lord’s work!

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  1. Terp

    CA, congratulations on excepting Jesus in your heart! And for nearing the end of an amazing experience having given so much of yourself to it… This life is a long journey, your grades will come in due time, pray on it and pray on any other things that trouble you and you will find the answers. I know how proud your mom will be because as I mentioned that was me last year when MT went to this camp. Congratulations and I wish you the best through the rest of the camp and beyond… You will remain an important prayer in our family! Love Terp and family!


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