Some Messages Home!!!

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CA – aka: DaddyLongLegs – to my mom – I love you with all my heart, I have a couple scratches and bruises but it’s no harm & I can’t wait to see you!!  & Terp I want to thank you for praying for me and praying to God to guide me through! MT – I want to thank you for praying for me and getting me through this camp. 

TA – aka: Buckwheat – mook I got something for you and I miss you! & Mom I love you, I’m sorry for missing your birthday and tell Lacey happy birthday and Langston I love him. Oh and can I have a root beer
KC – aka: the Kernel/Goldie Locks – Mom can I please have some McDonald’s for lunch so I can get some real food in my stomach, oh and Hi. I love you! Zoe better not be playing my GTA. 
AR – mom I love you & thank you to all the prayer partners it has meant alot to me. I hope you are all doing well.
SQ -aka: CrayDaddy – hi mom, I love you and tell everyone at home I love them.

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  1. (TA Mom)

    Its okay you missed my birthday this time. Just dont forget it once you become a NBA player…lol
    Thanks for the birthday shot out for layce!
    Layce yahyah and lailynn love you to boohk


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