We Have Our Ups and We Have Our Downs…

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Well we have landed back to base camp and what a hiking adventure it was. The boys have all been active in talking about new goals and working toward improving areas of their lives. We have seen huge improvements in many of our boys but along with improvements comes satan’s temptations  for them as well. As much progress and steps forward that we have seen we have also had our setbacks.

Wednesday night three boys accepted Christ into their hearts and while the heavens rejoiced the devil tried to steal that happiness with defiance and arguments from other boys. We praised and celebrated with these three as grins and tears filled the campsite.
There were a few other boys who had continual questions Then today on the river another beautiful boy began a celebration with the heavens!!! He was in a canoe with Pat and spent time in discussion and questions as he learned more about Christ and the journey he is beginning! Such power!!! 

There was alot of encouragement on the trail between the boys and they we helping each other throughout, we observed as the trail got easier for them and their abilities improved and they flew through the path allowing them extra play time at each site. 
Many crayfish were caught and even a snake, turtles, and endless frogs. The boys were so fun to watch as they teamed up to find crayfish, put together tents, build fires and find wood.
 The boys talked about how tiring the trails were but also how.they took determination and focus. At one point the boys started to lean on Bible verses which was pretty powerful. Phillipians 4:13 became a refuge and we heard it radiating throughout the trails. 
We have some very homesick and tired boys both physically, emotionally, and mentally. They will make it through but the tomorrow will be a day of resetting and realigning as staff to lead these young men. 
For now, farewell from the ranch!! 


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