We Serve a BIG God!!!!!

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We lost service on the trail so were not able to post along the way…its going to be really hard for me to fit all the awesomeness into this one post, but I will try!!! All the teens did a great job hiking the trail; they hiked so fast that we hit our first water drop point and campsite a few hours ahead of schedule. They had a lot of fun singing songs and checking out the great scenery…there were a few stops along the trail where I had to actually pinched myself and was wondering if we were still in Michigan…its hard to believe we are only a few hours north of Grand Rapids. The teens were excited to see the flowing streams, water falls, rolling hills, and wildlife. We caught two snakes, a bunch of frogs, turtles, and a bunch of crayfish.  It was so nice to see the teens let down their walls, forget about their struggles back home, and be young boys having fun together as they skipped stones and tried to throw rocks the farthest across the river.  While on solo time the second night, we were sitting along a stream and the boys were reading Jeremiah 29:11, I was preparing my heart for our salvation message and invitation, I actually had a deer come down the ridge behind us and cross the stream about 20 feet away from me…it was so peaceful…it was like God was giving me a sign to relax me for the spiritual battle we would face that night.  I am sure you have already heard that three of the boys asked God to be the leader of their lives, for Christ to come into their heart and to have a personal relationship with the King!!! What a blessing it was to see the joy in their faces!! However, after the teens went to bed and the staff began to process the night, we cameunder serious spiritual attack…it has been a full two days of attacks from the enemy and we are in need of serious prayer…but through the battles, God always triumphs!!! I was blessed to be able to lead TA to Christ while canoeing down the river today!! What a powerful and glorious God we serve!!! And yet again, the enemy was quick to retaliate…. The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but Jesus came so that we may live life to the full!! John 10:10. I want to touch on AR’s salvation story..powerful. He lost his dad to cancer last year. His dad was a Christian and spoke to him about God. After his Dad died he became very angry at God and turned to video games. He began to get in trouble at school and did not do his homework, grades went in the dumps. He told us that he wanted to see his dad again and wanted his dad to be proud of him. While he was praying to God, he looked up and wanted to know if he was doing it right…he wanted to be SURE. We explained that there was no wrong way to pray to God, that He knows your heart. It was powerful!!!! So many more stories..but I am so exhausted. Please continue in prayer and know that the blog posts mean so much to these guys!


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