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Last night I finished another wonderful read, a section of the last chapter really stuck out to me, it read:
“’What’s the deal, Jesus? Why do I seem to have little pieces of brokenness in my life every day? It’s so frustrating. I need Your perspective on this brokenness…or I need a break from it.’” (Lysa TerKeurst, Unglued)
As I read that section all I could think of was our boys and families as we prepare to completely interrupt their lives. We are going to be asking these teens, some of which have never left their parent’s care to think about things entirely different and accept something unimaginable and untouchable. We are about to rock their worlds with Jesus and the unfailing Love of our Almighty Lord!
So many of them have only seen brokenness and only know brokenness and I know personally my past brokenness has been a great struggle in my relationship with Christ as, like many others, I never understood the need for brokenness. However, through that brokenness when we depend on Christ and seek Christ, He becomes our ultimate healer and the brokenness does not break us as much.
I pray each day for the eight families that we are about to grow with and have the joy of witnessing Christ work in their lives.
So please if you get a chance today, take time to pray for the families and lives of DM, DD, TA, AD, NK, TK, MC, and LG. This is the time I get sappy and eager to move into my “momma role” and love on these boys while they are away from their families and see the change in their hearts and lives!  <3


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