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As agents of change in the lives of young people, Remembrance Ranch is a first option or may be a last resort for young people from varied circumstances that are experiencing personal challenges. Our 2014 program participants are no different. Each of these teenagers were not introduced and selected for this program by accident; God has a plan for their lives. These teens will be given the tools needed to succeed in life. Our Family Counselors are working hard to prepare each family for their teen’s return. However, each teen’s success story will really be the success story of everyone who genuinely loves them and helps them grow; the families, Ranch counselors, teachers, prayer partners, mentors, and others.  

As I mentioned above, each family has been partnered with a Ranch Family Counselor. These individuals are dedicated to helping the families connect with necessary resources with will aid them in the transformation process. We recognize the irreplaceable role that parents/guardians play in the lives of their children. For this reason, Remembrance Ranch requires parent/guardian participation in every teens’s treatment. Their involvement directly effects their teen’s success during and after the program.

During the initial assessments the Ranch Youth Counselor helped each teen establish goals for their time at The Ranch; these range from getting better grades in school to learning to trust adults. Each family has also been assigned a Prayer Partner. Our Prayer Partners are tasked to pray daily for each teen and their family; while names are kept confidential, they are given specific information to help them be intentional with their prayers.

The teenagers will begin their Ranch experience with horse camp at Spirit Farms. Each child will be assigned a horse to care for. Our clinical team will use this experience to help breakdown walls and engage the teens. They will learn basic horsemanship and even put on a show later in the week. After horse camp, we will travel north to the Manistee trail.

When we reach the Manistee trail on day 7, each teenager will find himself doubting how far he can go. The Ranch leaders will remind them how far they have come. We will show them everything they have faced, all the battles they won, and all the fears they overcome. The trail will become a reminder as they return home; when they are faced with challenges, fall into temptation, and begin doubting themselves on road God has laid out for them, we want them to remember the journey, the battles they won and the fears they overcome. They can have victory and find success in life!  

Remembrance Ranch has become a journey, and we would like to invite you to come alongside us to support the 2014 participants through this blog. Your interest and participation has never been more critical. Be engaged over the next few weeks! We want to hear from you through your comments to the blog!


  1. Josh K

    Praying for all the leaders as they prepare for this pivotal week in a teen’s life.

  2. Jenn H

    Hey everyone!
    Leaders & Program Staff….I am humbled by the amazing work you have already done to prepare for this trip! I pray for peace in the next week as you spiritually, mentally and physically prepare for camp. I pray you will be a light for our teens, and through you they see confidence, love and peace that is available from our Lord. I lift up the teens and their families as they embark on a life changing journey. I am so proud!

    DM: I pray for you tonight. I pray for strength and endurance. I pray for happiness and contentment. I pray for healing of past hurts, because I understand. I send you love and encouragement, and am proud of you!! Take advantage of every moment you encounter on this trip. You are in amazing hands!

    Katie, Pat & Kevin: love you guys!!
    Arica & Darin: you have an incredible job before you, go get em!!



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