A little more than S’mores!!

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As we sat around the fire tonight eating s’mores and discussing today’s events, I couldn’t help but feel Gods presence.  The boys were surprised to hear about Kevin’s past as he walked them through the testimony of his life.  He tried to hold back the tears as he explained Gods eternal love for us.  After a deep discussion about sin and forgiveness, we asked if any of the boys wanted to pray.   Surprisingly, one of them raised his hand.  He said, “I think I can do it.”  We jumped on the opportunity to hear AD pray out loud with the group.  AD is a returning camper who asked God to be the leader of his life two years ago.   “God, thank you for this opportunity.  I hope you can bring me back to you in a whole new way.”


  1. SM

    I get chills just thinking about Kevin’s amazing story…sharing this with the boys will change their lives forever and show them who the real God is…a God of love, mercy and forgiveness. You boys are all blessed to have these two amazing men and this wonderful women who care so much about you.

  2. Sabrina

    Way to go AD! To be able to pray to God in front of a group of people takes courage, especially when you are young in your faith – so proud of you! AD, God brought you back to the Ranch for a reason and He has been working something anew in you for a while! Continue to pray and seek Him and you will see 🙂 Praying that God continues to guide each of you and I am thankful that Kevin shared his testimony – he is truly a walking example of God’s grace! Praying that you all have a great Monday!!!!

  3. Kim Dittenber

    Thank you SO much for sharing that news. I can tell that the leaders are having the desired impact even more than this proud mom could have predicted!


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