Jeremiah 29:11 – God’s plan is amazing

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Yesterday was a big day, for our boys, for ourselves, and for God!!
We started a little rushed as the boys still adjust (and let’s be honest…us too) to the wake up time. We had a good breakfast and then lead in some awesome devotionals about self-control.

Following devotionals we moved to the zip line. Wow!!! Power – these boys, every last one of them climbed the zip line tower (50 feet up) then 7 out of 8 soared through the air across the field!!! There were encouraging words and chants, others building others up, and then jumping into the air!!! Wow! What a statement of faith to jump off a 50 foot tower!

We then moved onto swim time which was slightly interrupted as we didn’t have a lifeguard. In the time of unplanned free time we had some more storming. Continued prayers for our group to bond and form. Please pray for TK & MC hearts to be opened and softened to one another.

After lunch we headed to our first solo time. Solo time is a moment where we separate the boys and place them alone (within sight) in God’s creation to have some silent and personal devotion and meditation time. They are always given a verse to think about and process, yesterday was Jeremiah 29:11. They all had their bibles open and minds growing in the word of God!

Following solo time the boys were introduced to their horses (justin, trusty, junebug -a former race horse!!!-diesel, flash, mikey) and learned the fundamentals of riding horses and caring for a horse, including feeding and grooming. The power of non-verbal communication is amazing as these boys learn how to be tender and loving while at the same time leading without words and being stern. What outstanding work.

As I write this I realize I am saying amazing repeatedly. I find it a struggle to find a word to describe yesterday that is more powerful than amazing.

Following horse time was dinner and Kevin’s testimony. Kevin shared his story and for the first time all camp (besides meal times) there was silence. Silence as God crackled the fire and opened hearts. Great conversation and questions after. The boys spoke about how their solo verse aligned with Kevin’s life and how it can also apply to their lives.

Thank you for the unfailing prayers and undying love. Thank you for allowing us to take these 8 boys into our lives for this 10 days. Thank you parents for trusting us to love them and care for them. Thank you for letting us help them develop in their hearts to understand – they are important, they matter, and they are loved!

God speed – we love you remembrance ranch community!



  1. DD mom

    Hey boys, or I should say young men. Wow!
    How awesome for u to be able to have all these experiences while building a stronger relationship with our God.
    Much love hugs & blessings to all,
    DD mom

  2. Trisha M. Belbot (Mom)

    Thank you all for your great work!


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