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As we settled in to do our staff debriefing last night we came to the realization that it was quiet in the boys sleeping area. That just doesn’t happen! It was only after we got together and prayed with them after getting ready for bed that we found the calming presence of God. Yesterday was a day full of weather disappointments and fighting, yet through it all we found our way back to peace. The boys were given time to talk together about why and how someone should confess to taking the phone. Their dialog with each other was amazing. Yes there was tension, but to hear them work things out without us even being a part of it was awesome. its things like that were i can see Gods plan.
So after the prayer last night and the calm that Jesus brought to the storm that came through yesterday, I feel we are now more energized than ever. These boys are so fun and so full of potential that I cannot help but grow closer to them, even as I rip out my own hair at times. TA, NK, LG all caught fish last night as we swam and enjoyed Gods creation, and it was a blast seeing those boys smile from ear to ear!   We have made a lot of headway with TK and even though he has a long way to go with regards to respect and following rules he has really begun to step up and make good decisions and even hold others accountable to listen and to come out of a funk that they are in.

DM is beginning to open up a bit and come out from behind the mask that he has been wearing.  He is finally beginning to share how he feels and even tell us when he is angry and why.  This may not seem like much but it is a huge step.  It is no different from the work they have been doing with the horses.  They must gain trust and break the horse of their stubbornness and bad habits in order to form that bond that will allow them to become a team.  A horse will not allow a rider to correct its stride until that rider (RR leadership) has helped them understand that their best interest is always behind the correction.

Tired but excited for what God has in store for us today. Dont stop praying people… we can feel it!



  1. Josh K

    Glad to hear of some progress! We are still praying for y’all!

  2. Bonnie

    I’m so excited to hear that TK and DM are finally opening up! I know how difficult that can be and how much strength and courage it takes to make that first step. Very proud of you both, all you boys! God is on your side, don’t ever forget that!

  3. Trisha M. Belbot (Mom)

    That is great news! I will continue praying for the boys and leaders . Have a safe trip to the trail. I can’t wait to see you all sunday at the celebration. Sounds like there is a lot of great things to celebrate.


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