And So It Begins

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As I sit in the other room and listen to Pat tell the boys a story I am reminded of how awesome God is. He continues to send these boys here because He knows they are special. I can already see the great potential that is in this cabin. The boys have already gone through one group activity (co-op) and even though they did not complete it yet they did great! I have never seen a group come together so fast. They had a really good time playing “catch my piggy” very unsuccessfully might I add, but it didnt matter, they had a blast and worked great together. K.A. really stepped up as leaders today and the guys as a whole were focused and on. We did have a little foot-dragging here and there but no major concerns yet… thank you God. I actually had K.V. and D.A. say thank you tonight. God is going to do some awesome things this week so just keep those prayers and blog posts coming and get excited with us for what lies ahead.


  1. Jenn Harrod

    Great job everyone….but I’m very interested to learn what “catch my piggy” is!!!

    • Marisa fitzpatrick

      I’d like to know as well 🙂

  2. Sabrina

    What a great start! Seeing all you guys yesterday and your families made my heart full. My prayers is that each of you (teens) will let this week really soak in and allow yourselves to be pushed – and to grow and learn from it. Praying for a great first full day of camp!

  3. Laura Tripp

    Praying for you Kadyn that your life will be transformed, have a great week, we love you

  4. Suzette Terpstra

    Faith helps you succeed when everything else fails………….

    It was so hot here today at my house. I bet it was hot at camp too. I was committed to help set up some tables for a dinner with my neighborhood. In this heat I surely didn’t want to do it! When I got to the assigned area to set up I was glad that I was there…………Many of the helpers were grumbling because of the heat. With everybody working together we got the job done quickly and the dinner was a rousing success. It made me feel good that I had done my part!

    Some times we must find time to stop and thank the people who help to make a difference in our lives.

    Life is good. You are blessed.

  5. Rob Terpstra

    Praise GOD for blessing this group and enabling them to come together. Thank GOD for bringing KA to camp and empowering him to step up as a leader.


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