First Wake-up!

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We had quite the thunderstorm last night. As the storm approached, and we could see the lighting coming across the lake, it reminded me of the storm each of us battles inside. No matter what our situation may be, deep down we all face the similar issues. It’s no different with each of our Ranch teenagers. Each boy has his own personal struggles, but the more they get to know each other, the more they are learning how similar each of their struggles are. It helps to know we aren’t alone.

We started yesterday with an activity called the ‘Circle of Trust.’ The boys were hesitant at first, but then quickly began to step out and trust each other. It was exciting to see a few leaders emerge! Those that seemed quiet and reserved began to speak up, throw out ideas, and most importantly they were having fun. Smiles and laughter all around!

With that said, the enemy is hard at work. He knows where these teens are heading and he is not happy! We had a few situations last night, which we expected, but have made things very difficult on the staff. But, we serve a BIG God! And, as of this morning, those situations seem to have past! Stay in prayer over this group as the enemy will continue to fight, steel, and try to destroy the destiny laid out for these boys.



  1. Amy

    Good morning young men! I love that my son K.A. has the opportunity to be with you on this journey, and that I can read about your daily activities. Good luck boys and enjoy camp <3

  2. Consuelo Drollinger

    I am so proud of all of you!

  3. Rob Terpstra

    Praise GOD, may he continue to guide the boys to open up even if exposes the enemy it will enable the youth leaders to act with the power of GOD to fight and overcome evil.


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