Winding Down – Day One

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As we sit around the campfire the last glimmers of sunlight dance across the water and the air comes alive with the sounds of the night. The boys listen intently as Kevin talks about having a relationship with God and  bombard him with questions and comments. As the campfire fades our first full day comes to a close.

It has been good day, and although there were a  few struggles and trials along the way, in the end the guys pulled together as a team to overcome the obstacles.

Our day started with a swim test after breakfast, followed by open swim time and  tubing behind the power boat which the guys said was “awesome”! After lunch, with the sun beating down in full force the guys braved the heat and participated in more team building cooperative games and activities. These cooperatives proved to be quite challenging for the guys and frustration levels grew as some of the guys walked away and didn’t want to participate or complete the tasks. Other guys, including Junior Leader TA, and campers KV and NV stepped up to encourage the guys and eventually the guys pulled together to complete the tasks. In the end many of the guys, including KV and SD, overcame their fears and frustrations pushing themselves to dig deep and go further than they thought they could.

As the day comes to an end and the campers drift off to sleep, I thank God for the privilege of being part of this camp and pray that he will continue to work in the life of each camper as we anticipate another great day tomorrow.


  1. Alan Simpson

    The pictures highlighted tough challenge tasks. Just as in life, learning to be prayerful, committed and focused is required. Glad to hear that the campers rose to the challenge. Alan

  2. Rob Terpstra

    I am at the hospital today, preparing to visit my 30 year old nephew for the last time, he is dying. As I reflect on the fun and challenges these boys face I am reminded of the gift of life and the amazing opportunity Remembrance Ranch is providing. May GOD bless each camper and guide them to open their heart and commit to Jesus, we don’t know when our last day will be, but the promise of eternal life is an amazing opportunity…

  3. Marisa fitzpatrick

    I am praying for each camper that Hod opens them up and speaks to them the way they need him to! I also pray J will step up 😀


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