Rise and Shine

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The boys were all awakened this morning by the sweet, sweet sound of Pat singing “RISE AND SHINE AND GIVE GOD THE GLORY” in what appeared to be a harsh German soldier accent.  Phew, what a way to start the day!  The laughter was contagious.

This was followed by a great breakfast and then a devotional with a great discussion regarding  imitating what is good and not the things we see that are bad in the world and in our lives as is written in 3 John 11.  Many great questions arose and were discussed.

Following devotionals we took a short hike over to the Rock Wall and Zip Line.   Many of the campers stepped out of their comfort zone and challenged themselves to climb the rock wall and head down the very high, very fun Zip Line.  It was amazing to see campers such as SD, KA, KV, NV really challenge their fears and face the Rock Wall and Zip Line.

As leaders, we are all feeling so blessed to be a part of these campers lives during this experience.   Although we are still early on in the journey we are already witnessing behavioral changes, relationship building,  and spiritual growth right before our eyes.  Praise God!


  1. Ashley

    So Proud of all of you ! God will always be with you helping you every step of the way !

  2. bonnie g

    It’s so heart warming to see God at work in these young men. Facing your fears head on is a huge challenge in itself and so rewarding. It’s even difficult for us adults! Proud of all you boys!

  3. Paul Porras

    Great job guys! Glad to see you all taking on a challenge and conquering your fears! Keep it up!

  4. Nate Meldrim

    Way to go SD! Fear’s got nothing on you!


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