Moving Forward, one hoof at a time!

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Making connections was the name of the game today.  The group started the morning with a devotional on fear as well as a discussion regarding the relationship between fear and anger.   2 Timothy 1: 7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline..”  The group discussed that although they were all fearful when they began riding horses the day before; they were all able to control their emotions, stay calm, and make decisions that allowed them to control their horses.   The connection was made that when they go home following camp and have situations in which they feel fearful or upset , they will be able to tap into the  times at camp when they were fearful on their horse but able to manage these emotions successfully.   This Equine-Assisted Therapy experience is intended to give them the skills, practice, and confidence to apply this to their lives.  Praise God for horses!!!




Another major connection that was clearly visible today was TA’s junior counseling skills developing.  TA spent time giving great advice this morning to an upset camper as well as stepping up throughout the day to assist campers to problem solve and resolve conflicts.   The Lord’s light is shining so bright through TA and it is beautiful to observe.


  1. Jenn Harrod

    TA – I am so proud of you!!!!

  2. Casey

    I truly enjoy waking up in the morning and being able read about the previous day’s events. As mentioned, riding horses is more than just riding horses. Controlling fear, nervousness, excitement, etc. is a skill to be learned, and in this context of riding can be sensed by the horses if lacking. Great to hear those involved gained confidence! I also love 2 Timothy 1:7, definitely a verse to remember.


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