Young Guns

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Tonight we had the honor of welcoming three successful individuals to camp who have built profitable brands and businesses on the principles of Creativity, Passion and Instinct. These are also some of the things we have been, and will be teaching the boys during our 10/9/8 sessions. These young men   (Vincent McIntosh, Eric Lauchi, David Munyagwa) are no more than 18 years old and have already made a name for themselves in the local business community. Our boys we’re so excited to hear their stories and discover that they too can not only have dreams but also breathe those dreams into reality with passion, creativity and Instinct. It was encouraging to see the spark in their eyes grow as they listened; imagining what they could accomplish if they applied themselves like these three young role models. We all had some questions for our guests and they did a great job of answering what they could and keeping the boys entertained at the same time. This was a great experience for our group and my prayer is that they can take what they have learned and put it into action. We have some smart, talented kids here and I can see them doing big things in their lives if they continue to push themselves and take home what is being taught here.  I can’t wait to see what these boys are capable of once they truly find their worth in Christ and discover all the other great things He has created them to do. Overall a great night filled with hope, dreams and anticipation.image


  1. Sabrina

    How exciting! I pray that God will bless the young men who came and presented to the group! I think some passages for the boys to think about is Psalm 16 and Proverbs 19:20-21. My prayer for each of you boys is that you can align your heart with God and seek His will in your life. Dig deep to see how he has made you special because each of you are special in your own way and are gifted, even if you do not think you are. Praying that today will be another day of growth for all of you!

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