We made it to the Manistee!

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We currently have limited service so posts on the blog may be difficult.  However, I wanted to let you know we made it! We were joined by Mr. Dave, Kenny, and Matt. With God on our side along with a staff of 7 mentors who are committed to speaking into these boys lives, this weekend will stand as a transformational experience they will never forget!  Last night Kevin shared the testimony of his life. After getting to know Kevin over the past 7 days, they stared at him with wide eyes and mouths open as he reveiled his rough past filled with addiction, armed robbery, and prison.  Learning Kevin had been delivered from that lifestyle and is now receiving unconditional love and direction through a personal relationship with God was exactly what these boys needed to hear…knowing that no matter what they have done in the past, God loves them and wants to have a personal relationship with them.  God  wants them to experience good things in life.

Today’s hike has been a challenge.  KA and DA have been getting at each other.  SD came to a point where he was ready to give up.  LG, KV, and JF are struggling with their packs. Today is out longest hike, and the boys are feeling it! However, through all the struggles, the boys are pushing through! NV, IG, And DC have been giving positive encouragement to the other boys!  SD is now pushing himself by taking the lead and setting goals for the team!  Darrin and KA are having a great discussion and Darrin is using the trail to tie back to struggles at home.  DA and TA are making a great bond!  Our next stop is the waterfall!  It will all be worth it when these boys are able to put their feet in the water and enjoy time fishing and swimming and hangin out.  Keep praying!! We need it!!

I will post pics when I have better service.




  1. Mom

    It’s always a struggle when you are facing new challenges. The greatest reward is riding through and making it to the end. Way to go boys! So proud of all of you!

  2. Nate Meldrim

    Way to lead SD!


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