Unforgettable Experiences and New Beginnings

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As we continued down the path today many new experiences continued.  KA had times of joy, finding salamanders and seeing large waterfalls for the first time, but also experienced times of fear followed by anger.  Although KA had some feelings of fear followed by anger behaviors, we observed him using his new learned skills to gather himself and regain his composure.

For KV, today was tough physically as it was our longest hike day.  His physical exhaustion led to some frustration but he rallied and finished the hike very strong.

DC continues to be a leader by example as he is the first down the trail and first to get his tent setup.   He is always active looking for creatures, making leaf whistles, etc.

IG has expressed how much he is enjoying this experience and hopes he can come back as a Junior Counselor some day.

JF had some stretches on today’s hike that were tough for him but he got into a rhythm and crushed the last 3-4 miles.

NV and I had another great discussion today about leaving negative things in the past and moving forward with new information and skills and an experience like this that he can always tap into and remember.

LG continues to receive redirection and feedback from the leaders when arguing with peers and struggling to let things go.  He is responding well to this and continues to be helpful to his peers and leaders.

SD rallied on the trail today and made things happen that I’m not sure he knew he could accomplish.

DA continues to need support from leaders at times when disagreeing with peers but is enjoying himself all along the way while learning new skills.

God blessed us with a beautiful day in this magnificent place that He created.





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  1. Marisa fitzpatrick

    I am so proud of you baby! You are doing such an amazing thing! God has always got your back, learn to trust him! I am praying for your strength to continue getting stronger! I love you baby!


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