What Goes Up Must Come Down

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IMG958388We had a great start to the day with a healthy meal and some IMG958383IMG958393IMG95838820160814_113049devotions about controlling our anger and how we react to others. It was a beautiful day to do some rock wall climbing up to the zip line which made for a much faster trip down. It was pretty awesome to see all of these guys challenging themselves and doing what they set out to do. The ones who said they couldn’t do it did it, those afraid of heights where way up in the air, and those who set a challenge for themselves accomplished what they set out to do. Mark said he would try the rock wall but only up to the second step and ended up one-third of the way up!  Sam was another one who took a lot of encouraging but he answered the call and went all the way up and down the line.  It was pretty great to see the encouragement from peer-to-peer. It’s one thing to encourage them to encourage others but when they do it on their own and as a group you know you have some great leaders.

Swim test went great and as you can see they’re not being tortured too bad out here. It is important that we can have this fun time with the boys in order to really build a friendship and be “allowed in”. Overall things are beginning to come together and the real issues are slowly working their way out. As always pray hard, ask others to pray and keep the letters coming🖒


  1. Mary Beth Champrenault

    We are so proud of you Sam! We love you, and pray that not only you, but all the campers and leaders continue to grow individually, as a whole, and open your hearts to each other and Jesus!


  2. Donna

    Jordan looks like you are having lots of fun. Dad and I are happy that you are doing something that hopefully is making you happy. Love you


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